Insurance Technology for Natural Hazards


Million Properties Evaluated


Billion Flood Risk Factors


Million Historic Losses Analysed

Beyond Floods provides organizations high resolution data and insights on flood risk, including steps to improve their portfolio’s resilience to flooding and climate change

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We deliver the most accurate flood risk data available for your property. Our app sources reliable data from over 20 local, state and federal agencies to provide you the most comprehensive outlook on your property's flood risk.



In addition to providing you with a detailed outlook on your neighborhood's flood risk, our location-aware algorithm and cadastral data get down to the specifics about a property building's structural characteristics, to deliver a highly personalized experience.



The ongoing and imminent threats of climate change warrant timely action by those at risk. Our solution will walk your through from understanding your flood risk, to protecting your property through insurance and other preventive measures.

We Engineer Solutions for Your Needs

Syndeste offers products and professional services to address the needs of individuals and organizations for natural hazard risk management. The following is a summary of our capabilities and areas of focus:

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Natural Hazards Risk Management
  • Outreach and Risk Communication
  • Technology Integration & Process Optimization

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